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"I get up in the morning feeling better. Less stiff or sore and more enthusiastic about the day."

"Leah has a professional, caring approach. The classes have filled all the elements I was hoping for."


"I was feeling sluggish, low energy, and bloated for quite awhile. My goal for doing Leah’s 3-Day Detox Program was to energize myself, lose some weight, and purify my systems. Never having done a detox, I was a little skeptical, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed the program.


Having some solid foods like salads and nut snacks felt great, while the home-made smoothies were surprisingly tasty. Day 1 was challenging, as my body was demanding more food. But by Day 2 I felt great and looked forward to the meals.

Upon completing the program, I felt much more energized, I was no longer feeling bloated and I had lost 6 lbs. Interestingly enough, one surprising benefit was being far more in tune with my sense of fullness; before, I would eat for eating’s sake, such as my habit of snacking in front of the TV. Now, I am much more in tune with when I’m full. In fact, the 1st day after the program, my snack was my typical 4-cup bowl of popcorn. I made it thru 1 cup and realized I was quite full.

It’s great to be better in tune with my body’s feedback and to feel much more energized!"

"Nutritional information is very important. I enjoyed the seminar & learned valuable information."

"Leah has the knowledge, positive attitude and communication skills to transmit info clearly and thoroughly."

"Leah is an excellent instructor and skilled at offering a large variety of yoga practices. I enjoy this mix of variations and like the way my body feels as a result."


"Leah is a loving spirit and she really radiates that in her practice."

"I just feel better each time I attend class. I love the friendly, supportive attitude. Leah really helps you feel like you've done something good with your day just because you are there."

"I enjoy the stretching and relaxation of this class. It makes my body feel better and reduces stress. I have noticed improvement in posture with this program."

"Leah did a great job explaining how to do the poses and transition from one to another."

"Thanks to Leah, we feel less stress going back to work."

"Wow! Beautifully done. I love that you bring who you are into the room- sweet, peaceful, humble, joyful. It really comes through!"

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