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 Honored to Guide Your Transformational Journey

Exploring the Yoga of Energy_small.jpg.webp

with Indu Heather Arena, Senior Yoga Teacher

Leah will mentor you through this life-changing course, providing insight and answering your questions along the way.

23 Hours and CEU 

Self-paced Mentored Course​​

The Yoga of Energy: Intro to Meditation in Motion

An online retreat designed to introduce you to the core concepts of Eastern Yoga. You will be taken on a journey to discover your true potential and radiant wholeness. This self-paced program is interactive and combines discussion to support your understanding of yogic philosophy with experiences that are accessible to any-body. You will learn to respond to life's circumstances appropriately instead of reacting habitually. The combination of the knowledge provided with your own experiences help you discover for yourself the true brilliance and power of Yoga/Union.   ​


Why Meditation in Motion?

  • Restore balance on the physical, mental, emotional and
    spiritual levels.

  • Learn to incorporate meditation and its many benefits into your
    yoga practice and life with practical techniques for daily life.

  • Learn how to listen to and follow your energy to
    restore, recharge and guide you in practice and off the mat to live in

       harmony within the world.

  • Learn the Kriya of Chita and Prana, what Swami Kripalu called
    “the highest experience of yoga” which reveals your true Self.

  • Practice at home with 9 classes to reinforce the habit of incorporating

       yoga and meditation into your everyday life.

Investment on yourself:  $359.99, includes 4 mentoring sessions with Leah. Course is non-refundable once purchased.

Mentoring with Leah

You will have four meetings with Leah included with the course to ask questions and refine your understanding. You will schedule those meetings. The course tells you the suggested times to have these meetings.

                        When you register, be sure to note "Leah Baguet" referred you to the program where prompted.

Approximate hour breakdown:
•    9.5 hours video classroom lecture
•    10.5 hours of yoga practice
•    1 hour of written assignments
•    2 hours live with your mentor​

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